The Jeewaka Weda Niwasa ayurvedic treatment center is very calm and it has lot of facilities as well as it is very comfortable & important place to every patient because we are making our every ayurvedic medicines by using very special procedure.Herbal medicines are well-prepared according to individual prescriptions. (A large number of natural ingredients such as bark, root, seed, flowers, herbal leafs, fruits, etc). We have a special workforce to maintain it correctly.We have various staff to collect, Make, mix, pack, check & recheck medicines. Our main important thing is we are using Hereditary Ayurvedic Method for make our medicines and every our treatments. We have well trained workforce for each and every task.

Our medicines have high quality and those are high standard medicines. We make tablets, pills, capsules, Medicated oils as well as Medicated ghee, etc every medicine can use very comfortably. We can warrant its high quality.

Normally 500-600 married couples are visiting our treatment center, ‘‘Jeewaka Wedha Niwasa’’ to take medical treatment for Sub fertility and Infertility once year. After our ‘Five Month Treatment Course’ they will fulfill their hopes very successfully.

We are using fresh medicines and we are doing our treatments in fresh environment. Our treatments have 75% of success of every year.

The main thing is you must use medicines throughout the five-month and finally you can fulfill your hope.

Foreign patients can contact us through this web site and we have special Procedure to supply our medicines (tablets, capsules, etc) to them by using special programming system.

We are doing a traditional festival ‘‘Dewolmadu Shanthikarmaya’’ once a year. We believe it’s bless always do a huge mightiness to our treatment centre. (You can see photos and videos about that festival from our video gallery and photo gallery)